Optical Brightener For Detergent Industry

  1. CBS-X Powder

    A major whitening agent.
    High solubility and effectiveness.
    Used widely in detergent products.
    Helps accomplish high whiteness and brightness.

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  2. CBUS Powder

    High performance and efficacy.
    Wide range of detergent applications.
    Generally safe, and suitable for industrial uses.

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  3. CXT Powder

    Good compatibility and effectiveness.
    Excellent brightening effects.
    Perfect composition, generally safe.
    Whitener for detergents, and allied products.

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  4. 4BB Powder

    High levels of performance and effectiveness.
    Gives cleaner and brighter results.
    Helps in improved detergent processes.
    Meet required industrial standards.
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  5. 4BM Powder

    Good effectiveness, compatibility & performance.
    Superior brightening effects.
    Perfect composition for safe uses.
    Ideal for detergents, and related goods.
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