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Optical Brightener For Paper Industry

  1. BA 267% Powder

    Readily water soluble.
    Acid-resistant and alkali-resistant.
    Improved whitening effects.
    Widely utilized in Paper pulp, Cotton, surface sizing, coating, etc.
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  2. BHT Liquid

    Utilized for its antioxidant properties.
    Helps to prevent oxidation.
    Suitable for the Paper Industry.
    High levels of usefulness and effectiveness.
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  3. BHT Powder

    nown for its properties,suited for various materials.
    Generally safe and high levels of efficacy.
    An ingredient for household products, industrial additive etc.
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  4. UP Liquid

    High usefulness in paper industry.
    Give clean and professional results.
    Various general cleaning applications.
    Superior brightness in natural condition.
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  5. TG Liquid

    Good paper brightener and fiber whitener.
    Offer resistance and cost-effectiveness.
    Known for versatility &performance.
    Suitable for coating papers and pulp goods industries.
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  6. BA Liquid

    Good purity levels
    High effectiveness and usefulness
    Appropriate for Paper Industries
    Offer desired results & performance
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  7. SB Liquid

    Used widely in paper coating.
    Offer improved printing results.
    Provide quality and value in end-products.
    Helps in high-performance applications in paper industries.
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  8. BSU Liquid

    High effectiveness and result accuracy.
    Essential in coating &paper industry.
    Several finishing applications.
    A major optical brightening agent for Paper Products.
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  9. AS Liquid

    High purity liquid for paper manufacture.
    Aids in paper making works.
    High efficient & economical.
    Essential in paper mill processes.
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  10. BBU Powder

    High levels of purity &efficacy
    A primary paper brightener
    Essential for paper industries
    Generally safe, and meet industrial standard
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  11. P 167% Powder

    Offer good brightness, opacity, and other qualities.
    Help produce fine paper products.
    Utilized in paper & card-board industries.
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  12. BOP Extra Powder

    A high-performance optical whitening agent.
    Suitable for many paper products.
    High levels of usefulness,effectiveness & quality.
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  13. UBR Liquid

    A highly effective brightener.
    Meet required industrial standards.
    High purity and quality levels.
    Developed specifically for Paper Industries.
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  14. P Liquid

    Helps achieve industrial compliance.
    Exclusively developed for paper industry.
    High pureness,effectiveness and usefulness.
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  15. SI Liquid

    High-performance and versatile agent.
    Utilized for Paper &pulp goods.
    Suitable for bleaching applications, size press & coating etc.
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  16. 2B Powder

    Broad effectiveness & usefulness.
    Good purity and quality levels.
    Industry:Paper & pulp goods.
    Used for dyeing / size press / coating processes.
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